Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a resourceful skill to have and nurture. It can help easing the relationships in, as well as providing the grounding elements, to emotional impulses. Mindfulness is in general a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling ‘in the moment’, without interpretation or […]


Well-being is the state of being or doing well in life. At its simplest level is about feeling good and living safely and healthily. Well-being has great impact on our core life needs, on our mind, body and soul. It also has broad implications for quality of life. Well-being refers to a positive mental state […]

Safety First, Common Sense second?

Common sense is a term everyone has heard of and which is used to describe sound judgement based on simple observation backed up with reasonable behaviour and good decision making. As it applies to workplace safety, it is something that everyone has but not everyone uses. That’s why we have safety rules all around us. […]

Conflicting perspectives

In an increasingly global and diverse workplace, sometimes the heart of the problem is that people differ from each other in age, gender, ethnicity or personality type. Conflict has been acknowledged as an important aspect of modern management. Despite the negative effect of conflict, it can achieve productive outcomes if managed effectively, such as improved […]

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is a vital skill that involves handling confrontations tactfully and constructively. There are numerous types of preventative measures that can be used to promote positive relationships, minimise conflict risks and at the same time eliminate the need to spend valuable resources. Training and educating are the most effective preventative measurements that will help […]

The Power of Story Telling

Writing a book is sometimes a long and arduous journey, however, worthwhile. My personal experience when writing a book has recently been with a professional sportsman who as a Player won global recognition playing under a Manager who is considered as being the best ever in his particular sport. To be considered the best as […]

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements, differences of opinion and conflicting perspectives on key issues inevitably arise in any context where people are working together. Whilst not all conflict is negative – creative solutions and new ideas can often emerge from the cut and thrust of debate – conflict can frequently become destructive. For example, negative emotions may be stirred […]


The foundation of every organization is people. Organizations can grow only through the people within. Individual growth is not a guarantee for organizational growth yet without personal growth no organizational growth will occur. It is a real paradox. People are the energy that steer the organization so it is crucial to dip into the potential […]

Enhanced Performance = Continuous Improvement through Employee Involvement [ EP=CI/EIⁿ ]


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