Unlocking Potential in your Employees

Leadership is about seeing and hearing others, setting a direction, and then letting go of controlling what happens next. Employees with leaders who show either wisdom or compassion have net positive experiences across the board. They enjoy and are engaged with their jobs and less likely to burn out. But, when a leader demonstrates both wisdom and […]

System Theory and organisations

The word ‘Organisation’ refers to a collection of people who are involved in pursuing defined objectives. It can be understood as a social system which comprises all formal human relationships. The organisation encompasses division of work among employees and the alignment of tasks towards the goal of the company. Systems theory is an approach to […]

Work needs to make us happy, right?

There are many articles written about happiness at work, yet there is a significantly large percentage of employees who aren’t engaged and significantly small percentage of those who know how to attain work related happiness. If you set happiness as your primary goal, you can end up feeling the opposite. This is because happiness (like all […]

Workshop – GWS training academy in Poland

Assurance of Learning Ltd for the last 15 months had been working with Global Wind Service delivering Transformational Leadership Programs. The last 12 months of workshops had been delivered virtually. However we are back face to face. In the picture Principal Organisational Psychologist Tijana Berlafa and David Christie who is the Training Director, are pictured […]

Emotional Intelligence and Military

Despite the widespread belief that emotions and intelligence are two contradictory concepts, emotions are the greatest part of intelligence. Goleman (2018) affirms that EI accounts for 67% of the abilities necessary for superior performance in leaders, and matters twice as much as technical expertise. Leadership in the Armed Forces can be explained as the activity […]

Emotional Intelligence and Character

Character, and emotional intelligence can be considered as two layers of our leadership capability and are the two layers that are the foundations to our leadership effectiveness. Character can be defined as the virtues, values, and traits that underlie our thoughts and actions. Emotional intelligence can be defined as the awareness and management of emotions, […]

Emotional Intelligence and Gaining Respect

Most of us, by definition, have average levels of emotional intelligence. However, our emotional intelligence can vary from one competency or dimension to another. For example, in terms of Managing Self, people differ in their skills and many problems may arise if you have limited skills in controlling your strong emotions at work. You may […]


We are all familiar with the term integrity. We might, however, not be clear on how to understand it when it comes to the workplace. Integrity is a trait that encompasses honesty, loyalty, dependability, accountability, sound judgment and trustworthiness. Integrity is a person’s commitment to moral values even in times when mentioned virtues are difficult […]


Feedback is any information exchanged by employees regarding their performance, skills, or ability to work within a team. Both supervisors and peers may deliver feedback, and when done tactfully, the process can create a stronger, more harmonious workplace. Feedback is a valuable approach for bridging the gap between what someone is doing and what is expected […]

Communication Competence

Effective Communication is of vital importance. The effectiveness is based on goal oriented behaviour, so if the communication reaches the goal, then it is marked as effective. Communication Competence is a complex construct and refers to an individual’s knowledge, skill, and motivation to accomplish a particular goal. Communication Competence is an expression about a person’s […]

Consistency in communication in organisation

What is a consistent message? In relation to internal business, a consistent message involves communicating the same message across all facets, including departments. Corporate communication has grown exponentially and is now more complex. There are more people, processes, technologies and media channels required to orchestrate the development and delivery of a correct, consistent and constant […]

Rejuvenating organisations with BEING™

In today’s climate for business excellence, we suggest, that to come back stronger, companies should reimagine their business model as they return to full speed. Those who ‘step up their game’ will be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges and address opportunities. In the race for competitive advantage, it is imperative […]

It’s possible to fake emotional intelligence?

There are emotions and actions that look like the real thing but really aren’t. Plenty of research has documented manipulative misuses of emotional intelligence. The most common misuse of emotional intelligence are subconscious, and are result of unaddressed, unhealthy emotional needs. One of the most common counterfeits you can spot in well-intended leaders is manipulating with […]

Self-actualisation and Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is highly linked with the ability to actualise basic talents and skills and can distinguish between those who are more able and those who are less able to self- actualise. EI is more important than cognitive intelligence for self-actualisation. Emotional Intelligence relates to the process of an individual’s self-actualisation through realization of […]

Motivating Millennials

In recent years, the issue of integrating the Millennial generation into the labour market has become an increasingly important theme among employers. Interestingly, by the year 2025, Millennials will account for 50% of the global workforce. Therefore, their professional aspirations and attitudes towards their workplace, as well as their digital skills will redefine organizational culture […]

Revisiting the old ways

Over the past year and the half, the offline world slowed down, while the online world flourished. The pandemic and the resulting social and economic impacts have been difficult. It also has held some of the most challenging lessons leaders have witnessed in decades. With all that has happened and severity of changes, it is easy […]

Motivators and De-motivators

When we think of motivators and de-motivators, we are usually thinking of the different ends of the same continuum. Well, that’s wrong. The factors that influence job satisfaction are separate and distinct from those that lead to job dis-satisfaction. Job satisfaction and dis-satisfaction are not opposites of each other as the motivators are not opposites […]

How to motivate Employees?

When you find efficient people, who share the organisation’s values and beliefs, you need to make sure they ‘stick around’. Whilst, of course, money and benefits are important, they are not on top the list of motivating factors. Some of the most important factors tend to be peer motivation and feeling encouraged and recognised. Improving the […]

The Basics of Motivation

Motivation is the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviours. It is what causes you to act and involves the biological, emotional, social, and cognitive forces that activate behaviour. People often have multiple motives for engaging in any behaviour. Motivation might be extrinsic, whereby a person is inspired by outside forces like other people or […]

Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a resourceful skill to have and nurture. It can help easing the relationships in, as well as providing the grounding elements, to emotional impulses. Mindfulness is in general a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling ‘in the moment’, without interpretation or […]


Well-being is the state of being or doing well in life. At its simplest level is about feeling good and living safely and healthily. Well-being has great impact on our core life needs, on our mind, body and soul. It also has broad implications for quality of life. Well-being refers to a positive mental state […]

Safety First, Common Sense second?

Common sense is a term everyone has heard of and which is used to describe sound judgement based on simple observation backed up with reasonable behaviour and good decision making. As it applies to workplace safety, it is something that everyone has but not everyone uses. That’s why we have safety rules all around us. […]

Conflicting perspectives

In an increasingly global and diverse workplace, sometimes the heart of the problem is that people differ from each other in age, gender, ethnicity or personality type. Conflict has been acknowledged as an important aspect of modern management. Despite the negative effect of conflict, it can achieve productive outcomes if managed effectively, such as improved […]

Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution is a vital skill that involves handling confrontations tactfully and constructively. There are numerous types of preventative measures that can be used to promote positive relationships, minimise conflict risks and at the same time eliminate the need to spend valuable resources. Training and educating are the most effective preventative measurements that will help […]

The Power of Story Telling

Writing a book is sometimes a long and arduous journey, however, worthwhile. My personal experience when writing a book has recently been with a professional sportsman who as a Player won global recognition playing under a Manager who is considered as being the best ever in his particular sport. To be considered the best as […]

Conflict Resolution

Disagreements, differences of opinion and conflicting perspectives on key issues inevitably arise in any context where people are working together. Whilst not all conflict is negative – creative solutions and new ideas can often emerge from the cut and thrust of debate – conflict can frequently become destructive. For example, negative emotions may be stirred […]


The foundation of every organization is people. Organizations can grow only through the people within. Individual growth is not a guarantee for organizational growth yet without personal growth no organizational growth will occur. It is a real paradox. People are the energy that steer the organization so it is crucial to dip into the potential […]

Organizational Awareness

To understand organisational awareness, it is important to grasp the understanding about what the system is. Any system is a collection of interconnected elements which interact with each other and share a purpose, values and a set of rules and norms. It is important to understand the patterns and the power within because if you […]

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