In today’s climate for business excellence, a key element for successful operations is creating a Psychologically Safe environment.

Yet what does that really mean?

There has been excellent research into the subject perhaps spearheaded by Operation Aristotle undertaken by Google and from which 5 behaviours of effective teams were identified with Psychological Safety being Number 1 in their list.

They define Psychological Safety as “how much risk team members perceive and what consequences they believe they may face when asking a question, suggesting a new idea, or owning up to a problem.”

I refer to the quote from The Centre of Creative Leadership that comments:

“A lack of psychological safety at work has major business repercussions. First, when people don’t feel comfortable talking about initiatives that aren’t working, the organization isn’t equipped to prevent failure. And when employees aren’t fully committed, the organization has lost an opportunity to leverage the strengths of all its talent”.

Assurance Group works in many industry sectors around the world where Psychological Safety is key to optimization and safety for example. The world of work is today multicultural and diverse; it is changing all the time; the demand on companies to manage and the retention of personnel is high; the requirement to avoid ‘accidental managers’ to drive transformational leadership rather than transactional leadership is more and more evident and so we at Assurance, developed BEING™.

To create BEING™ in an environment, be it in a team, a department, an organisation or a business, invites a degree of openness and transparency to ensure any individual becomes more emotionally intelligent and aware of

his/her strengths and limitations, all of which are key to BEING™ . It is also a fundamental concept of BEING™ that we each contribute in creating the environment whereby there is a freedom to express thoughts and opinion and, in an environment, where individuals also feel ‘safe’ to express themselves without consequence.

My experiences of delivering initiatives to over 18000 people around the world which have included for example, Leadership Development, Behavioural Based Safety, Supervisory Skills and many other People Power Skills provides a clarity which without exception, confirms BEING™ as an essential element for operational successes. It is all about Connecting People for Performance.

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