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Cultural Awareness Program™

Assurance Group have been delivering workshops throughout the world over the last year and we are taking it stage further. We will be delivering workshops here in Aberdeen in the classroom in July.

How to Resolve Conflict In The Workplace.

Our 4 Pillars for Enhanced Business Performance.

What is Image Related Decision Making?

Improve your Organisational Effectiveness.

How can a Leader Grow in an Organisation? Learn more about Fermenting Leaders©.

Learn more about our Assurance Emotional Intelligence Tool.

Communication and conversation is a fundamental part of a leadership ‘tool box’ within which we can apply ACT.

Enhanced Performance has many aspects which we address applying our 4 Pillars for Continuous Improvement through Employee Involvement.

International learning and development for the most important asset. PEOPLE

Enhanced Performance = Continuous Improvement through Employee Involvement [ EP=CI/EIⁿ ]


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