Compared to last year, the world today is a different place. People selection is vital for every organization when sourcing the right people for the right roles at the right time. Several years ago, we at Assurance of Learning Limited developed a unique people selection process where we focused on recognizing the importance of creating the connection between individuals and the organisation.

Strong, correctly placed connections within any organisation can only result in operational performance benefit, for example, in enhancing retention as well as in the motivation of personnel. Our philosophy within Assurance of connecting people for operational performance remains with us to this day in everything we do in the business. Feeling connected is the ultimate human condition.

Our process was simple in application and we compared the behaviours of individuals against the values required within the organisation to enhance operational excellence which embraced safety operational performance within a global Energy company. In addition to this we also provided the moral boost as well as creating a better insight into the abilities and support for the individual candidate to assess their suitability for transition into the workplace.

The results and benefits were evident.

Not only was there individual personal growth and an increase in self-awareness which resulted in better self-esteem, confidence, understanding others and situations yet our interventions also enhanced the organisations operational performance due to the host companies employing individuals whose values were aligned without exception to their core values.

The success of each project was clear.

All individuals were successfully placed into roles within the organisations we worked with throughout the world and who quickly and effortlessly integrated into the organisation. Their individual contribution toward business excellence performance was rapid and their retention sustained.

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