Learning and change in behaviour

Traditional training methods tend to focus on imparting and assessing knowledge. Learning is a constant
process that requires adjustment and it takes time and dedication. Assurance of Learning Limited applies
our Four Pillars of Continuous Improvement as we believe that behavioural change is the result of
ongoing practicing of something we learned.

Our First Pillar is our weekly Articles and it is a starting point to gather further knowledge and information. It is a point of learning where the current state of knowledge about the subject is assessed and a few new points of interest will be created.

The Second Pillar is eLearning which allows you to Learn About the topic of interest. It is a point of learning where the current knowledge is upgraded with new information. It’s important to think about the takeaways at this stage and expectations about learned material. By providing a clear outline and purpose we are enabling optimum learning about the subject. The desired end-result is checked by either a quiz or a question about the new material.

Our Third Pillar is Learning the topic through classroom or virtual workshops. For a learning experience to be eective and behaviour to progress, the learner needs to be engaged and able to understand its relevance. t is important for the learner to have an opportunity to be able to apply the new knowledge and practice relevant skills. Applying what you have learned is where 80 percent of the learning takes place. This involves using the skills and knowledge within your work environment that will embed the learning thus causing a behaviour change that produces the desired results.

Our Fourth Pillar is important so that you experience early success which is achievable with the help of our experienced consultants and advisors. This early success depends on leadership support and coaching. Left on your own, you are likely to discover unique factors in your work environment that make it dicult to apply what you have learned and organisations and often the people resist change. Since learning is changing behaviour you will encounter resistance therefore you will need someone supporting you with encouragement and coaching as you attempt to adapt your behaviour.

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