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Chartered Management Institute Leadership and Management Program (LDP)

Each attendee will appreciate the specific behaviours required in transformational Leadership and Management and understand the impact this will provide on their professional skills to enhance business excellence. Successful attendees are awarded the post nominal recognition of Associate Member of the Chartered Management Institute. We can also provide optional after care coaching support for up to 12 months,

Enhanced Behavioural Growth Strategy Workshop (BBGS)

Delivery of the BBGS allows both new and existing business to safely delve deeper into their operation to overcome potential barriers to business growth yet also unlock the ‘unseen’ opportunities for business development. The Workshop is challenging and creates the ‘deep dive’ into the business to drive individual and collective behavioural change culminating in greater business development and business operational performance. There are key outputs for the organisation with ‘markers’ for growth success and more significantly releases the potential for behavioural and leadership change within.

Emotional Intelligence Overview (EI)

Emotional Intelligence plays a large part in understanding ourselves and others. In conjunction with our Organisational Consultant you will understand more about yourself and others to create highly effective and influential operations. Emotional Intelligence is key in Leadership and Management and key for organizational success and performance. We provide a confidential assessment with 1 on 1 follow up interviews at strategic intervals.

Crew Resource Management (CRM)

Crew Resource Management is designed to raise awareness about non-technical (cognitive and social) skills that are essential for effective and safe operations. CRM has 6 key components Situation Awareness and Decision Making (the cognitive skills) as well as Leadership, Communication, Teamwork, and Task Performance Factors (the social skills).

Enhanced Crew Resource Management (ECRM)

As for CRM with Emotional Intelligence Assessment woven into the content with group and confidential 1 on 1 interviews undertaken by our Organisational Psychologist.

Limiting Assumptions (LA)

We live our lives based on a whole lot of assumptions you’ve made about yourself. Many of those assumptions may be holding you back. This Workshop can help you unlock the real potential within and is ideal for an individual, teams a business or organization.

Enhanced Behavioural Communication (EBC)

“Saying the right thing in the right way to the right people at the right time, in such a way the message is received and understood as it is intended” (2011 Alistair Garden and Steve Kimmons. CQ Manifesto) Our workshop will enhance your communication skills awareness with EI and embraces cultural dimensions.

Creating Highly Functional Teams (HFT)

Defining a high performing team is a challenge however we believe that Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and most importantly a psychologically safe environment is key. We explore all this with you in the journey to create the highly functional team.

Enhanced Behavioural Based Safety (EBBS)

In high risk operations it is important have a Culture of Safety. This drives operational excellence and we combine safety leadership and a unique communication tool to drive behavioural change.

Recruitment Enhanced BASE Workshop (BASE)

This workshop will assist you in selection of candidates to identify not only the individual technical capability but most importantly those personal behavioural attributes to be a successful member of the organisation, done through EI Assessment, Experiential Activity and in alignment with your organisational values.

Leadership and Cultural Diagnostic Tools

We can assist you in development of Leadership and Cultural Diagnostic tools to assess the current position of your business to identify the strengths within yet also look at the opportunities. We then can develop programmes that will take you on the journey of discovery to build outstanding business performance.

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Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. John F Kennedy

  • All our Programmes are interactive and we use experiential learning to embed understanding along with for example individual and group work.
  • Our learning encourages behavioural change.
  • All our workshops will meet your operational expectations and can be exclusively classroom based and delivered anywhere in the world; we can deliver virtually or provide a blended approach to the learning. We listen to what you want.

Enhanced Performance = Continuous Improvement through Employee Involvement [ EP=CI/EIⁿ ]


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