Rejuvenating organisations with BEING™

In today’s climate for business excellence, we suggest, that to come back stronger, companies should reimagine their business model as they return to full speed. Those who ‘step up their game’ will be better off and far more ready to confront the challenges and address opportunities. In the race for competitive advantage, it is imperative that organizations react in real time.

Which is now.

An important element and part of post Covid business world is rejuvenating leadership roles. The qualities and skills in our leaders are always vital. Determination, effective communication, passion are just a few. Transparency, seeing ourselves and each other as people first, a willingness to adapt and an openness to listen are new characteristics of strong leadership that will determine who thrives in this new economy.

Leaders need to be focusing on leading people over projects and need to be transparent and realistic with their expectations, which can help build and maintain a culture of trust.

We know that effective leaders must be in tune with the emotions of those around them, as well as their own. But rather than being a “nice to have” trait, emotional intelligence is now crucial. Creating a compassionate work environment where employees feel valued as people and can voice their opinions and concerns freely, is essential.

Assurance Group works in many industry sectors around the world where restoring leadership is recognised as an organisation’s top task. The world of work is changing all the time. The requirement to drive transformational rather than transactional leadership is more and more evident.

With the purpose to address organisational needs we at the Assurance Group have been implementing the BEING™ model which supports our LEAP™ (Leadership, Effectiveness, Adaptability and Professionalism) working approach.

A fundamental concept of BEING™ is contributing in creating the environment where individuals feel ‘safe’ to express themselves without consequences.

To create BEING™ in an environment, be it in a team, a department, or an organisation, invites a degree of openness and transparency to ensure any individual becomes more emotionally intelligent and aware of their strengths and limitations, all of which are key to BEING™.

When organisations implement BEING™ into their environment they are prepared for ongoing uncertainty, inevitable disruption, and never-ending change.

If you would like to know more about BEING™ or indeed our ‘business rejuvenating’ LEAP™ blended workshops, don’t hesitate to contact us on or I would be delighted to hear from you personally,

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